The Freelance-Market Group: Efficient contractor marketplaces in 8 countries

Freelance-Market was developed in 2004 in cooperation with Economics Nobel Prize Winner Reinhard Selten to introduce contractors in an easy and transparent way.

Our freelancers cover practically all business needs: From accountants, business analysts, coaches, to zero emission experts. As we are taking the lowest fees in the market, more than 5000 large and small companies use us, including ABB, Bosch and McDonald's.

Through our licensees, we are expanding into other countries and industry segments. We are currently active in the following markets:

We are still seeking licensees to operate specialised Internet marketplaces

To expand beyond our current operations, we are licensing our business concept into other markets. We are currently looking for additional licensees, who are interested to operate:

a)  A sector marketplace in a specific contractor area, e. g. translators, lecturers, artists, contractors within an ethnic minority, ...
b)  A general contractor marketplace in a country or region (at the moment, we are specifically interested to expand
     to France, United States and the United States).

What do we expect from a licensee?

  • Strong business minded entrepreneur.
  • Excellent knowledge of his/her local market.
  • Advertisement skills to bring visitors to the Internet marketplace.
  • Administrative / organisational skills.
  • Friendly, trustworthy, professional business behavior.
  • Minimum time commitment: 10 hours/week
  • Minimum financial resources to launch the business: 10 000 Euro
Freelance-Market is looking for licensees

What does a licensee get from us?

  • Ready to use Internet system (developed over 15 years, approx. 15000 programming hours)
  • Internet marketplace in the language and wording of your market.
  • Own Internet-domain per marketplace.
  • Hosting and maintenance of the Internet marketplace.
  • Elaborate customer administration system (highly automated processes, significantly reduced manual administration time).
  • Possibility to adapt / modify the website and its functionalities to your very specific needs.
  • Newsletter sending facilities.
  • Technical support already included in license fee.
  • Detailed 100 page handbook with a complete description of all business processes.
  • Coaching to successfully enter your market (based on many years of experience in different markets).
  • Benchmarking with other Freelance-Market businesses.
  • Exchange of business leads within our licensee community.

Request a business plan with our detailed information about our license offer

Please contact us only if you have the required skills and financial capabilities (at least 10 000 €) to become a licensee.

Why do both SMEs and large companies (like Bosch, Lufthansa, ...) use Freelance-Market?

Freelance-Market was developed in co-operation with Reinhard Selten, a Nobel Prize winner for Economics. Our aim is to be a transparent, highly efficient and inexpensive way of introducing contractors to clients. Many large and small businesses use Freelance-Market because:

  • Companies can hire professional contract personnel directly without the need to use an expensive recruitment agent.
  • Clients can undertake free contractor searches without the need to register.
  • Competitive pressure ensures that contractors offer their services at highly competitive rates. Our transparency allows to quickly compare hourly rates against skill profiles.
  • Contractors are incentivized to ensure the that their skill profiles are realistic.
  • The system facilitates fast contractor/client introductions through email and SMS notifications.
  • Contractors hired via Freelance-Market have hourly rates that are approximately 30% below that typically paid when procuring via an agent.
  • Contractors are keen to use us because they can demand higher rates than compared to going through an agency.
  • All information is transparent and provided upfront. There is no need for extended negotiations about hourly rates.
  • Client feedback ensures the contractor quality remains of the highest calibre throughout the entire project.

How freelancers find dream contracts, quickly and easily

Contractors don't like to be constantly engaged in hopeless applications to recruitment agents who, if successful charge a large ongoing commission for the duration of the relationship. Through Freelance-Market, the client searches for the most appropriate contractor with 37% of all introductions resulting in direct contracts. The hourly rate is clearly stated up front removing the necessity for further price negotiations. As a consequence, we generate an average of 2.2 projects per contractor, about ten times more than other job market sources.

Statistics concerning the likelyhood of freelancers finding jobs Source: Freelance-Market database, own surveys
Contact:, Freelance-Market International GmbH, Plettenbergstr. 19, 70186 Stuttgart / Germany, Trade Register No.: HRB767278, VAT-No.: DE322093871